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Tantalum Symbol:"Ta" Atomic Number:"73" Atomic Mass: 180.95amu. Tantalum is one of the transition elements. This very hard, gray metal can be found in many alloys. It has also been used in surgical equipment, camera lenses, and even electronic capacitors.

More Information: Transition Metals
Technetium Symbol:"Tc" Atomic Number:"43" Atomic Mass: (98)amu. Technetium is one of the transition elements from period five. Technetium is an element that is not found in nature. Man has been able to create it in labs. It is a silvery-gray metal than has been used in steel and super conductors. It is radioactive.

More Information: Transition Metals
Tellurium Symbol:"Te" Atomic Number:"52" Atomic Mass: 127.60amu. Tellurium is usually found with gold. It is used in many alloys and as a trace element in ceramics.

More Information: Transition Metals
Terbium Symbol:"Tb" Atomic Number:"65" Atomic Mass: 158.93amu. Terbium is one of the elements in the lanthanide series of inner transition elements. It may also be classified as a rare earth element.

More Information: Lanthanide Series
Tetragonal Crystal A crystal that has a basic cube shape but is stretched out. It is almost rectangular when viewed from one side. Think about a candy bar for this one.

More Information: Solids
Thallium Symbol:"Tl" Atomic Number:"81" Atomic Mass: 204.38amu. It is classified as a basic metal. Thallium is a very soft, silver-colored metal. It is very toxic but still has uses in poisons and some photographic equipment.

More Information: Transition Metals
Thorium Symbol:"Th" Atomic Number:"90" Atomic Mass: 231.04amu. This is one of the elements in the actinide series of inner transition elements. It may also be classified as a rare earth element. A very radioactive element that is used in reactors and in the process of making certain types of gas. One of the byproducts of the combustion of thorium is radium.

More Information: Actinide Series
Thulium Symbol:"Tm" Atomic Number:"69" Atomic Mass: 168.93amu. Thulium is one of the elements in the lanthanide series of inner transition elements. It may also be classified as a rare earth element.

More Information: Lanthanide Series
Tin Symbol:"Sn" Atomic Number:"50" Atomic Mass: 118.69amu. It is classified as a basic metal. Tin is a metal mainly found in the mineral casiterite. It is a silvery metal used in creating alloys to protect metals from corrosion. It is also used in cans and superconductive materials (materials than conduct electricity extremely well).

More Information: Element Families
Titanium Symbol:"Ti" Atomic Number:"22" Atomic Mass: 47.90amu. This is one of the transition elements from period three. Titanium can be found in meteorites and many minerals from the Earth's crust.

More Information: Titanium
Torr Torr is a measurement of pressure. One millimeter of mercury on a barometer is equal to one torr. Standard pressure is equal to 760 torr.

More Information:
Trace Element This is an element of the periodic table that living organisms need to survive. These are not the major ones we need to survive (like oxygen); these elements are only needed in very small amounts.

More Information: Biochemistry
Transition Element Transition elements (also known as transition metals) are found in the middle section of the periodic table. They have two electron shells that are not filled. The shells are usually the outer two shells and are good conductors of electricity. Copper, silver and, and gold are examples of transition elements.

More Information: Transition Metals
Triclinic Crystal A triclinic crystal has a shape in which the arrangement of facets is random.

More Information: Solids
Trigonal Crystal A trigonal crystal has a shape that has three sides and no specific length. It looks like an elongated triangle.

More Information: Solids
Triple Point A temperature point at which a substance can be either a solid, liquid, or gas. Many compounds have triple points at very specific temperatures and pressures.

More Information: Phase Changes
True Formula This formula tells you the number of atoms in a molecule for each element. Water has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom when you look at the true formula.

More Information: Bonding
Tungsten Symbol:"W" Atomic Number:"74" Atomic Mass: 183.85amu. This is one of the transition elements from period six. Tungsten used to be called wolfram (thus the W). It is a light-gray metal found in many minerals. You many find it in electric components, power tools, paints, and even fluorescent lights.

More Information: Transition Metals

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