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Keywords for Review

States: States of matter are the different forms in which matter exists. The easy states to remember are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Although you might not find it around you every day, there is more plasma in the Universe than any state of visible matter. Plasma is found in stars and between planets, stars, and systems of every galaxy. As you learn more, you will discover several other states of matter.

Atoms: The basic unit of matter. Atoms are not the smallest pieces of matter you will find. They are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. There are even smaller particles of matter. However, your studies will focus on atoms and the different types of atoms that make up each element of the periodic table. There are also variations of atoms called ions and isotopes.

Mass: Mass is the amount of matter in a thing. Usually, when a thing is heavier, it has a greater mass. If you have a piece of iron the size of a marble and a piece of iron the size of a bowling ball, the bowling ball will have more mass. That example looked at similar substances. When you use a scale, you measure weight. Weight is dependent on gravity while mass is not. Mass is measured in kilograms.

Volume: The amount of space than an object can occupy. A balloon has a volume similar to a bowling ball, but it will have a much different mass. You will usually encounter the idea of volume when you learn about gases and liquids. Gases and liquids can change their shape easily, but still take up the same volume. The concept of volume is also related to pressure. As pressure goes up or down, the volume of a gas changes because the distance between the molecules changes. Volume is measured in cubic meters or liters.

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