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Chem4Kids Scientist Guy with Spiked Hair Zinc is another of the useful metals that we use every day. It's one of those elements humans have been using for thousands of years. You'll find zinc in minerals, alloys, and even your body. It wasn't ever really discovered, zinc was used long ago when ancient peoples were first creating brass.

In 1746, Marggraf was isolated and described zinc as a separate metal. Zinc is normally found as a part of larger mineral compounds. When isolated, it is a very shiny, bluish-white metal. Unfortunately, it is not as malleable as its neighbor copper is and has fewer uses.

If you have been reading about all of the elements, you should be excited to know that zinc is the last transition element in the fourth period/row on the table of elements. Zinc's location at the end of the transition metals shows that is has a completely filled third electron shell.

Where can you find zinc?

Trace Element
Trace Element
Let's start with you and your need of zinc. It is one of the necessary elements to keep you alive. Zinc is believed to help keep your immune systems strong.
Zinc is used in many types of battery. It can be found with carbon and nickel or in alkaline batteries.
Yes yes. Zinc is a metal used in many alloys. You'll find it in stainless steel or as a coating (not an alloy) on galvanized steel products.
Industrial Uses
This is kind of our catch-all term. Zinc is used in the production of plastics, paints, and even rubber materials. Many other manufacturing processes use zinc in small amounts.
fluorescent lights
Fluorescent Lights
That's right. Those buzzing lights above your head have small amounts of zinc. This metal really gets around.

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